Notice required when vacating

Please read below important information that you need to be aware of before vacating your rental property address:

1: When the fixed term of the residential tenancy agreement is due to run out, a tenant can give 14 days’ notice to end the tenancy this notice can be served up to and including the last day of the fixed term agreement and must be put in writing.
2: Once the fixed term tenancy has expired a tenant must give 21 days’ notice.
3: If the tenants would like to end their tenancy agreement early they should give as must notice as possible. Any intention to leave the property must be provided to us in writing by the legal tenant, giving the date that they intend to leave and asking for the landlord or agent to find another new tenant.

The tenant is also required to pay the breaking of the lease fee:

If the fixed term is for 3 years or less, 6 weeks rent if less than half of the fixed term has expired or 4 weeks rent in any other case.

There are four specific situations in which a tenant can vacate a property without penalty they include:

  • If they need to move to a nursing home.
  • If they accept an offer from public housing.
  • If the landlord puts the property up for sale without telling the tenant before the lease was entered into.

4: Where a co tenant is the subject of a final AVO barring them from the premises.

Please fill out the below vacating notice if you intend on vacating your residential property:

DD slash MM slash YYYY