Congratulations! You have been selected a tenant through Assured Rent Real Estate!

We have put together a brief guide to improve your renting experience…
1: Rent through a premium office (like us).
Premium real estate offices understand and know that great tenants are like gold to their company and landlords. Premium offices will always seek the best tenants for their properties.

2: ALSO by renting through a premium office you will be assured that everything will be communicated to you in writing, which not only protects the landlord, it also protects you.

3: When renting a property there has to be trust between the property manager and the tenant, renting a property is not just a legal agreement. If you damage the property let us know immediately and we will help you to repair the property back into its original condition. When you move out make sure that the property looks the way it did when you moved in (allowing for fair wear and tear). If you are honest with our agency and treat the rental property with respect you will be in a better position to negotiate a longer term lease when your current lease expires.
If you have any further questions, please contact your appointed rental specialist at any time.