You have viewed a property that you are very interested in……….now what? Read below a list of our tips to help you secure a rental property.

Fill out our application form:

After viewing our rental properties, you will immediately receive an email from our leasing department with an application form attached.
If you would like to fill out the application form and have it ready for the open house, please click here

Submit all of your documentation:

Do not leave anything out! Unfortunately our agency will not be able to process your application unless you have attached all of the documents required. All applicants are required to submit 100 points of identification. Please read the below information carefully as it explains what documentation you are required to submit.

ALL applicants are required to submit 45 points of identification. They include:

  • A copy of your photo identification (Driver’s license, passport or proof of age card all worth 45 points)
  • A copy of your identification (Birth certificate, Medicare card, credit card or bank statement all worth 30 points)
  • Motor vehicle registration, phone bill, electricity bill or gas bill (These are worth 15 points)

All applicants must submit a further 25 points stating their proof of income:

  • If employed, you must submit either your bank statement or 2 recent payslips. (this is worth 25 points)
  • If you are self-employed you must submit both your bank statement and your last tax return (this is worth 25 points)
  • If you receive centre link benefits you must submit your Centrelink statement (this is worth 25 points)

All applicants must submit a further 30 points of identification if you have previously rented, owned your own home or haven’t rented previously:

  • Proof of rental history (you must supply your tenancy ledger; this is worth 20 points)
  • Proof of rental inspections (You must supply an inspection report from your current agency, this is worth 10 points)
  • Proof that you have owned/own a property (You must supply a utility statement this must be either a council rate notice or a water rate notice this is worth 30 points)
  • Two written references (These are if you are still living with family, this is worth 30 points)