Keys and remotes x 3

We require 3 x sets of keys and remotes for the property, including window keys, padlock keys and garage remotes. One set for us and one set for the future tenants.

Final clean

We recommend leaving the property like how you would find it. We can recommend and organize a number of competitively priced cleaning companies that meet our standards of clean.

Gardens and lawns

We recommend leaving the gardens and lawns like how you would want to find them. We can recommend and organize a number of a competitively priced gardening companies.


We need all air-conditioning remotes left at the property adjacent to the air-condition unit. If the unit is faulty or damaged we recommend servicing this unit before the start of a new tenancy or excluding this air-conditioning unit from any future tenancy agreement. We can recommend and organise a number of competitively price air-conditioning companies we’ve used in the past to repair or service your air-conditioning system.

Gutter cleaning

If there’s a large amounts of over-hanging vegetation in roofing areas, we recommend firstly clearing all gutters when you vacate the property and secondly setting up a third party gutter cleaning system to visit the property and clean the gutters at appropriate intervals. We can recommend and organise competitively priced gutter cleaning companies to visit your property throughout the tenancy period.

Pools and spas

There are a number of laws surrounding the safety requirements of pools and spa’s.

The following are links for more information on the specific rules and regulations:
Fair Trading NSW – Swimming Pools and Spas


If you currently have a pet, we recommend after you’ve left the property, flea bombing and treating any other areas of concern within the property.

Smoke alarms

We strongly recommend certifying the properties smoke alarms, these certifications are inexpensive (approximately < $100)

The following is a link to further information:
Fair Trading NSW – Repairs, Maintenance and Damage


We recommend cancelling, freezing, or transferring all landline phone plan(s) for the property, or transferring these plan(s) to your intended residence if that’s possible.

Some telephone provider contact numbers for your convenience:

Telstra – 1800 709 957
iinet – 13 19 17
Vodafone – 1800 332 228
TPG – 13 14 23
Yes Optus – 1800 780 219


We recommend recording down your gas meter number and contacting your service provider to inform them the property is being rented.


We recommend recording down the number on your electricity meter and contacting your service provider and informing them the property is being rented.

Re direct your personal mail

Make sure your mail moves to where you move. We’ve found that tenants are unreliable with passing on the owners personal mail to our office so don’t leave this to chance.

Click on the following link to redirect or hold your mail:
Website Link – Australia Post – Mail Redirect & Hold