1: Guaranteed rental income – We pay your rent!!!

Assured Rent Real Estate will pay your rent to you on a weekly basis even if your tenant fails to do so. Unlike other agencies that delay payments leaving you out of pocket for months on end. This ensures peace of mind in knowing that your income is safe and secure.

2: Get the first repair free!!

The first repair that is reported by your tenants will be paid by our agency!

3: Would you like to be free from management fees for the next 2 months?

If you are unhappy with your current property manager, come over to our agency and we will give you the first 2 months free. We will even give your current real estate agency your notice and collect your file basically we do all the work for you.

4: 60 Minute enquiry turn around

Tired of Real Estate agencies not answering your phone calls or returning your messages? At Assured Rent Real Estate we do not allow our phones to ring out… EVER!. Were really fast give us a call!

5: We will lease your property within 10 days, and if we don’t you won’t have to pay our letting fee!

We are so confident that we will find you suitable tenants within 10 business days that if we don’t, you will not be required to pay our letting fee.

6: Refer a friend

If you refer a friend to our agency both you and your friend will receive 2 months free!